Spring is in the air! It is a delightful time to go for a walk with your child, not take your child for a walk! It would be lovely if you could pick up something from your walk which is synonymous with Spring. Do send us a picture of your child with his/her Spring finding.


a. Listening to interesting facts on the Snail


a. Name of child/Name of school: Busy Ants

b. Season: Winter: flowers and fruits: Orange, Grapes, Strawberries/Carrot,

Cauliflower, Peas, Spinach/Marigold, Hibiscus, Rose, Dahlia

c. Wear a sweater or jacket properly

d. Naming parts of body

e. News time: Newspaper


a. Social graces: Namaste /Good morning /Bye / How to cough properly

b. Sorting beads

c. Pouring of water from 1 jug to another

d. Pincer grip tasks: Very essential for writing in the future


a. Number 1 with Number rods


a. Identifying the colour Brown

b. Making a pattern with Long Rods that look like snail tracks

c. Pairing Brown & White Tablets

d. Difference between Hard & Soft


a. Narration of story

b. Letter sound repetition ‘a’ & ‘s’

c. ‘I spy’

d. Make a line with pencils: horizontal /vertical

e. Follow two step directions


a. Book Reading: ‘Storm in the Garden’

b. Play Doh: Making snails with play doh

c. Sand Play: Making snail tracks in the sand

d. Motor Movement: Going Over & Under like snails

e. Music & Movements: The Snail Songs / The Best Snail Songs! – Kids Songs

& Nursery Rhymes | Bichikids

f. Rhymes: Rolly Polly/Open Them Shut Them /Tommy Thumb/Thumb king/Way Up High on An Apple Tree/Here’s a Cup/Peter Rabbit

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