about Shalini Speaks

I am an experienced and passionate Teacher Trainer for the past 20 years and have enjoyed the academic interaction with Student trainees on all areas of Early Childhood ( Montessori) and Elementary Montessori. My subject specialism is Montessori. My invaluable experience of being the Head Teacher Trainer and Principal of the APM (I) has given substance and direction to my interpersonal skills, I am using my experience in teaching, and assessment to help develop the curriculum, and I work with organizations/schools to support their academic needs. I am very involved in writing and recording curricula for our Preschool, Busy Ants in Kolkata. My role as the Academic Director has given me fascinating insights into the minds of our little Preschoolers and I thoroughly enjoy the challenges they throw my way. Developing teaching and learning materials, particularly in Language and Math, led to the opening of Advantage APM, an academic haven for children to address any the stumbling block in acquiring Language and Math skills at different levels .

“That’s a lovely shot of Yug’s attempt to hold a pencil… however, the grip needs to be corrected. We need to stress on Pincer Grip Work. We will forward you ideas on Pincer Grip. If he wishes to use the pencil on his own let him. Writing usually begins at 4 years… strengthening of writing fingers before”

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Request for more information

Structure of the Curriculum

I have built my understanding of how young children learn. Since I am able to proactively identify and respond to the individual needs of Preschool children, and/or educational institutions, I can lend support to Parents/ Professional caregivers or Heads, school communities in the following areas :

  • Addressing learning difficulties in school curricula in Math and Language
  • A detailed assessment and follow up planning
  • How to keep children motivated in learning Language / Math which can be quite daunting
  • Making Mind Maps for children
  • How parents can support their child’s learning
  • Handwriting Difficulties
  • Letter/Number Reversals
  • Letter Sound Substitutes
  • Spelling Mishaps
  • Symmetry In Handwriting
  • Creative Writing
  • Building Of Word Walls
  • Practicing Reading: How Decode And Code Phonetic And Non-Phonetic Words
  • Selection Of Appropriate Literature For Children To Take Them To Read
  • Understanding Sight Vocabulary
  • Learn English Through Drawing
  • Barriers In Grammar
  • How To Learn English Through Stories
  • Improving Of The Pincer And Tripod Grip
  • Physical Exercises To Improve The Tripod Grip
  • Addressing Visual Thinking And Academics For Children
  • Interlinking Play And Learning
  • Scribble And Make Stories
  • Writing Original Academic Content For School Curriculums

They say that “Promises are meant to be broken” but we say “Promises are meant to be kept.” This video showcases a conversation between a parent and our Academic Director, Shalini Sunderlal.

The parent had come to Shalini with concerns of her child refusing to write, although being at the correct age to begin writing. Months later when she came into our office again, this is what she had to say. Watch the video to know more…

The one principle that does shine is – keeping your promise to the Parent and the Child.