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why did we choose the name busy ants?

Ants are fascinating insects, tiny, skillful, and intelligent. Extremely hardworking, they execute their job well, in proper time. These tiny insects are able to follow each other, find their nest, and exploit an opportune food source. They live an extremely well-planned life with everyone obeying the rules. Some ant families do tailoring, others grow their own food like farmers, and yet others run small farms where they raise some smaller animals. We did find a strong similarity between these little ants and our little toddlers and preschoolers. If directed correctly, each child would soon become independent, goal-oriented, skillful self constructors.

Busy Ants does know what really matters in education

‘a curriculum that encourages sensory-based learning’. Busy Ants began in March 2010 in the city of Kolkata. A vision shared by Shalini & Anita, the main Trainers at the Academy of Progressive Montessori (I). Philosophy classes are dominant at APM for the student trainees where they understand what an ‘ideal Preschool environment’ should reflect. These lectures culminated in the birth of Busy Ants, our ideal preschool, designed to reflect the way we teach!

The success of Busy Ants 1 led to the opening of Busy Ants 2 and 3 in the city. Busy Ants is a school that understands the need for children to co-exist in a globalized world, yet not take away from our culture. We recognize the importance of the Toddler and Preschool years for children and at Busy Ants and our Team stresses on cementing that base and giving the children a very stable foundation.

about busy ants?

Our goal is to remain true to our reason for opening Busy Ants “Follow the child” always and to ensure that we and our teachers always remember to remain empathetic, passionate and patient with our children.

Our goal is to remain true to our reason for opening Busy Ants “Follow the child” always and to ensure that we and our teachers always remember to remain empathetic, passionate and patient with our children.

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    we think process not product

    At Busy Ants, we have developed a distinct curriculum that is based on the principles of the Montessori method with three thematic units incorporated in the base. The content is written by our certified Trainers Shalini & Anita and the teachers have to execute the same. It’s designed to nurture ‘sensory-based learning’ in all areas of the curriculum as children only discover and absorb what they can ‘feel and touch’. Our unique program incorporates the latest in educational research and child development.

    We offer a Toddler, Preschool, and Transitional Kindergarten Program in our school.

    our toddlers

    Our original, unique “whole child” approach to early learning supports social, emotional, physical, communication/language, and cognitive development. It helps the Toddlers acquire the necessary skills and attributes their need to enter Preschool. Young children master motor skills that will provide the foundation for all future movement and exercise.

    our pre-schoolers

    Offers a warm, welcoming academic environment where children can learn important skills by using the Montessori apparatus and discover concepts when they work with the “theme” activities. Stress is laid on “spontaneous conversation” and self-expression during Circle Time sessions.

    our transitional kindergarteners

    A well-planned systematic curriculum for children who are soon going to transfer to High School, where the focus is on the individual child’s learning needs in communication and numeracy, in particular. With carefully selected resource, children are encouraged to respond to the lessons with more clarity.

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