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We are members of a powerful tribe – Educators! This is your first glance in a journey, that will make a difference in the lives of children. Shalini Sunderlal and Anita Alimchandani, are experienced trainers and early childhood educators, who have started this journey which began with the opening of the Academy of Progressive Montessori. Members of the International Montessori Council, Florida, USA.

Advantage APM – Language/Math/Conversation & Hindi Classes

Specialised classes in Language and Math that certainly improve and enhance communication, speaking, reading and writing for young children. Children explore lessons from structured, original lesson plans with innovative and interesting learning aids. These are conducted after school hours and are not typical tutorials. Simple and effective lessons in learning Hindi, spoken and written are available.

Busy Ants – Preschool

Busy Ants is a Toddler, Preschool and Transitional Kindergarten School that stresses on making a difference to the overall developmental needs of young children. The Curriculum and environments complement the other and are very conducive to learning and development. Children gradually become independent little people as they are supported and nurtured by highly trained professionals.

Baby Ants – Mother Toddler Program

A welcoming, safe environment, where mothers could spend productive time with their little ones. One of the benefits of doing this in a class setting,  is that the parent has a teacher to guide her. Our classrooms exhibit calmness and have been specially designed to meet the goals of these sessions. Our gentle yoga sessions include a clear presentation of the knowledge to parents need to practice safely and competently.

Shalini Speaks – Consultancy service addressing learning difficulties in children

A Senior Preschool Professional for consultancy on academic concerns of children, primarily in the areas of Language and Math

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    Montessori Teacher Training Program

    APM is a labor of love and a never-ending passion for learning and teaching. It is an educational center, that stresses intellectual excellence in Teacher Education, based on the philosophy and methodology of Dr. Maria Montessori. The curriculum is designed to engage students in thoughtful pursuits and encourage a life-long love for learning.

    The Academy of Progressive Montessori (India) a beautifully designed Training Centre is an academic haven for mothers, caregivers, and teaching professionals. We are members of the International Montessori Council, the U.S.A, and participate in international seminars and workshops overseas, bringing back innovative teaching ideas, yet not taking away from our wonderful culture.

    Our Teacher Training Program prepares students to become teachers for Early Childhood classrooms of children 2.5 years of age through 6 years (pre-school and kindergarten). We also offer Elementary training in the form of Seminars.

    APM Courses

    little feet to big feats

    Our Teacher Training Program prepares students to become teachers for Early Childhood classrooms of children 2.5 years of age through 6 years (preschool and kindergarten). We also offer Elementary training in the form of Seminars.

    After completion of all academic requirements, an Early Childhood Montessori diploma is granted which is valid all over the world. The Early Childhood program is usually completed in 12 months. The Diploma Course runs twice a year.

    There is open access to this course provided the students have a good command of written and spoken English. Each prospective student will be required to attend an interview and will be assessed on his or her individual merits.

    APM Curriculum

    we tell great stories

    Montessori Philosophy, Psychology and Child Development, remains part of the core curriculum. Spiritual, moral, social and cultural development, information and communication technology, exploration and investigation, designing and making skills, knowledge, and understanding of the world, a sense of time, a sense of place, cultures and beliefs, record-keeping and assessment and child protection issues are delivered in the curriculum.

    A typical day at the Academy of Progressive Montessori includes training
    and exposure to…. Practical Life Exercises, Sensorial, Mathematics, Language, Geography, History, Art and Circle Time

    “Better than a thousand days
    of diligent study is one day

    …a Japanese proverb!


    A great day to salute our inspirational Teacher Training Academy “ACADEMY OF PROGRESSIVE MONTESSORI that makes such a difference to the life of each “woman” that enters our classroom! We “create” so many teachers, who then touch the lives of little children.

    We would like to thank each student trainee for their spontaneous and energized commitment to the children they spent time with during their Teaching practice tenure.

    APM is a very nice institute and it has a very well maintained and organised training structure. I loved being part of it and I cherish the moments spend with the faculty there. The training pattern has taught me Lots of things for being a good Montessorian as well as a good teacher.
    It’s been long I have completed my training with APM but I still remember each and every teacher and I am very very thankful to each one of you especially Anu mam and Shalini mam .

    Thank you

    Anu Sodhani

    Hello ma’am,
    It has been an amazing experience learning at Academy of Progressive Montessori (APM). The faculty has been motivating throughout bringing out the best in me. They have helped me lay a strong conceptual foundation through classroom teaching individual doubt regular classes, practice teaching, hands on learning and up to date class notes.
    I would like to thank my teachers for their constant strong support and guidance throughout the course which has helped me become a more confident person.

    Thanking you,

    Gunjan Nagar

    Academy of Progressive Montessory is a wonderful Teacher Training Program, with wonderful Teachers like Shalini Mam, Anita Mam, Shreshtha Mam . It has an impressive faculty, who are all wellspoken and knowledgeable. They follow the Principle laid down by Maria Montessori, and have improvised upon it. I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of it. It helped me in my teaching Career and I have taught at Apm advantage, Morning Smiles and am currently Teaching at Bridge International School after doing the course. It covers all the subjects like Exercise of Practical Life for the children, which helps them in being engaged in day to day activity, to ,Child Psychology. It is a wonderful one year Diploma course, and I ,Deepika Karnani, would recommend you to join it, if you wish to teach the small children. It is also a lot of fun.

    Deepika Karnani

    I am happy to mention that Esha, an APM student, has been a dedicated & focused facilitator. She got along well with all the teachers & the staff of our environment. Concepts like – “Aquatic Animals”, “Down at the Station Story Sessions”, “Glider Craft”, “Timeline of transportation” and “Train Whistle game” were instant hits with our children. The music & movement lesson plan on “The Little Red Wagon” was thoroughly enjoyed by our kids. The creative mind of the little ones was further explored when Esha gave the “Tessellation” presentation. She had the children completely engrossed while playing the Memory Games.
    We at Primary Colours always look forward to APM’s well-groomed & Trained Teacher Trainees, as they always come with unique lesson plans that are new & interesting every time.

    Ms Priti Doshi

    Directress of Primary Colours, Kolkata...