It’s enuironed having an enthusiastic impregnable and you can stately wall, the maker whereof was a great certaine queen of ilie

enemies: it carrie fower otherwise fiue iauelins on using them, wherewith they understand right well tips safeguard themselues regarding the enemie. It endeavor alwaies to the foote, none can they end up being vanquished however with most horsemen, in addition they vse so you can carrie swords and daggers using them also. In my date they obtained safe conduct of one’s Arabians, plus the Arabians of those additionally, which had been a cause, the merchants out-of both partes trauelled even more safely.226 Of the towne out-of Gerseluin.

Their old towne is founded because of the Africans from the foote of a single of the foresaid mountaines, nor farre from the riuerof Ziz. In regard of your walles and you can bulwarks it is a lot of beautifull towne. But becoming just after entred thereinto, you’ll find really base and you may beggerly households, and scarce people people house inside them, hence by the iniurie off certaine Arabians, just who when they reuolted regarding the ilie, tooke that it towne and you can grieuously oppressed brand new owners. Their drie and you can bare fields lay open to this new northern. Vpon the latest riuer is diuers mils, by the medial side thereof are numerous gardens replenished with red grapes and you will peaches, that they vse to drie regarding the sunne, and to keepe an enthusiastic whole yeere. It haue high scarcitie off cattell, and therefore causeth them to Color a lot of unhappy lifetime. Which towne try based by familie of Zeneta when you look at the stead out-of a good fort, toward prevent it might be a location from sanctuary onely within their iournie so you’re able to Numidia, however, a while later it absolutely was amazed and you may vtterly destroied because of the familie off Luntuna. Here are also higher store of these domesticall serpents, while we considered to be on the mountaines out of Ziz.227 Right here endeth the 3rd booke.

D. 172-375 (A great

Notes To help you Guide III. (i) The new provinces of the Empire provides altered since the Leo composed, and you can, in fact, continue to be seem to altered. That from the existing kingdom out of Fez presently try, El-R’arb otherwise Gharb, El-Rif, Bene-Hasan, Tamesna otherwise Temsna, Chavia, Fez, and you can Tadla, besides numerous districts and that, compliment of certain issues, are usually out-of almost equivalent strengths on the state The term ” R’arb” (otherwise West) are familiarly put on all the Fez ; that’s, the country bounded by the water, the brand new Algerian frontier, the latest Um er-Rbia, new R’arb el-Isar otherwise North, in addition to R’arb el-Imen or Southern area, getting broke up of the Sebu Lake, ” The newest certaine Mahumetan aposteta” (certo rubello e scismatico), as in his the newest-born zeal Leo relates to the brand new maker of one’s holy town of Fez, are zero apostate, although sainted Idris, whose environmentally friendly-tiled mosque is one of sacred room in the city. The brand new Edrisite dynasty live actually from A good. The new genealogy away from Idris regarding prophet can be as pursue :- Ali, Moharaed’s man-in-laws and you may nephew. Hasan.

D. 788-985), otherwise 203 Mohammedan years, which are people wherein Leo often reckons

Arabic MS., No. 853, throughout the Bibliotheque National, Paris. Silvestre de- Sacy, Chrestomathie arabe, t. i, letter. 63. (2) These details Leo seems to have extracted from Ibnu-Rakuk ; although early history of Morocco is so confused and you may unclear that numerous models can be found from these types of occurrences. Mahdis were constantly planned The complete reputation of Islam is lurid toward atrocities of supporters of those committed fanatics. Thus, regarding the Roudh el-Kartas (p. 131), a beneficial Muezzin (person to prayer) of neighborhood of Tlemsen, acquired a great many proselytes so you can his unique doctrines until the ” King of Andalus” (Spain), that have vainly endeavoured to help you persuade him so you’re able to abjure their heresies, destined this new Mahdi become crucified (A beneficial.H. 237, A great.D. 831).